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BK-AAW   Asbestos at Work
E-AAW   Asbestos at Work - Elearning Module
BK-AWU   Assisting a Wheelchair User
BK-ABP   Avoiding Back Problems
E-ABP   Avoiding Back Problems - Elearning Module
E-STF   Avoiding Slips, Trips & Falls - Elearning Module
BK-STF   Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls
SIP-CHS   Care Home Staff - Safety Induction Pack
ACS   Contractor Safety Management
SIP-CSP   Contractors - Safety Induction Pack
CMU   Corporate Manslaughter Law Update
BK-COS   COSHH Regulations
E-COS   COSHH Regulations - Elearning Module
BK-CUST   Custom manuals
ENL   Environmental Law, Policy and Practice Update 2020
EXP   Expenses
SIP-FBS   Factory Based Staff - Safety Induction Pack
FD   Faster Delivery
BK-FSW   Fire Safety at Work
E-FSW   Fire Safety at Work - Elearning Module
FSR   Fire Safety Reform Legislation for Workplaces
BK-FA   First Aid
E-FA   First Aid - Elearning Module
E-WYP   H&S at Work for Young People - Elearning Module
E-HAV   Hand & Arm Vibration Syndrome - Elearning Module
BK-HAV   HAVS - Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome
E-HSL   Health & Safety at Work Law - Elearning Module
HFM   Health & Safety for Facilities Managers
BK-WYP   Health and Safety at Work for Young People
BK-HSL   Health and Safety at Work Law
BK-HWK   Health and Safety for Home Workers
HSL   Health and Safety Law - Annual Update 2020
E-IWE   Intro to H&S at Work for Everyone - Elearning Module
BK-IWE   Introduction to Health and Safety at Work for Everyone
IOW   Island Delivery
LCU   Legionella Control Update
MRR   Machinery Risk Assessment
MAI   Managing Accidents & Investigation
MHS   Managing Hazardous Substances & COSHH – Law & Practice Update
MHE   Managing Health & Safety Enforcement
MCS   Managing Safety in Confined Spaces
MSM   Managing Safety in Maintenance Work
MRA   Managing the Risks of Asbestos
BK-MH   Manual Handling
E-MH   Manual Handling - Elearning Module
BK-BSPH   Manual Sample Pack - Healthcare
BK-BSPS   Manual Sample Pack - Standard
SIP-MWS   Manual Workers - Safety Induction Pack
BK-NSI   Needlestick and Other Sharps Injuries
E-NSI   Needlesticks and Other Sharps Injuries - Elearning Module
CDM   New CDM 2015 Regulations
NVR   Noise & Vibration Regulations
BK-NAW   Noise at Work
E-NAW   Noise at Work - Elearning Module
OHL   Occupational Health – Law and Practice Update
SIP-OBS   Office Based Staff - Safety Induction Pack
E-OHS   Office Health & Safety - Elearning Module
BK-OHS   Office Health and Safety
BK-RA   Risk Assessment
SAA   Safety Auditing Course
BK-SHP   Safety in Healthcare Premises
E-SHP   Safety in Healthcare Premises - Elearning Module
WML   Waste Management - Law and Practice Update 2020
WEM   Work Equipment & Machinery Safety
BK-WSH   Working Safely at Height
E-WSH   Working Safely at Height - Elearning Module
BK-DSE   Working with Display Screen Equipment
E-DSE   Working with Display Screen Equipment - Elearning Module
WVS   Workplace Vehicle & Transport Safety

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