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Office Health and Safety Office Health and Safety

This manual aids in raising awareness of the potential dangers in office environments. Includes advice on lifting and moving objects, using display screen equipment, avoiding slips trips and falls and fire prevention.

Cost: £3.25
Health and Safety at Work Law Health and Safety at Work Law

The manual Health & Safety at Work Law is designed to be a brief guide to Health & Safety Law in the UK and identifies the duties placed on employers and employees.

Cost: £3.25
Manual Handling Manual Handling

This manual provides a guide to safe manual handling techniques in the workplace. Includes advice on lifting, carrying, unloading, pushing, pulling, team lifting and handling awkward objects.

Cost: £3.25
Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls

This manual identifies the typical workplace dangers that can lead to accidents. Includes guidance on prevention, ladder and stepladder safety, along with tips for working safely.

Cost: £3.25
Working with Display Screen Equipment Working with Display Screen Equipment

This booklet is designed to provide a practical guide to using computer equipment and VDU’s at work. Includes guidance on work planning, ergonomics, workstation set-up, posture and avoiding eyestrain.

Cost: £3.25
Fire Safety at Work Fire Safety at Work

This manual assists in raising awareness of the dangers of fire. Includes guidance on fire prevention, what to do if you encounter a fire, fire extinguishers, emergency procedures and identifying fire hazards.

Cost: £3.25
Avoiding Back Problems Avoiding Back Problems

Back problems are a major factor in lost work time and staff illness. This manual provides practical guidance on avoiding back strains and injuries in the workplace.

Cost: £3.25
COSHH Regulations COSHH Regulations

This booklet aids in understanding the COSHH Regulations and why they are important. Includes guidance on handling hazardous substances, prevention and control measures, understanding warning labels and using protective equipment.

Cost: £3.25
First Aid First Aid

This manual is a practical guide to administering first aid in an emergency. Includes guidance on handling an emergency, basic CPR, dealing with heart attacks, injuries, wounds and bleeding.

Cost: £3.25