How it works.

How does it work?

With EBIS Training Tracker you can:

Use our health and safety e-learning modules.

Quickly create your own e-learning modules without requiring any technical skills or training.

Run modules on iPads and tablets.

Easily customize or adapt our modules with your specific content.

Have staff take assessments and award them certificates.

Upload and use other SCORM conformant modules.

Integrates seamlessly with our paper based manuals.

Automatically send emails to your staff.

Log external training (eg face-to-face courses).

Track performance and generate powerful reports.

Export reports to Excel.

Chase those whose modules have expired or are about to expire.

Will I need to install any software?

Because EBIS Training Tracker is an on-line solution, there’s nothing to download or maintain - just logon and get going!

Do I need technical skills or to use the IT Department?

The system has been designed to be incredibly easy and quick to learn and use and no special training or IT input is needed.

How do I get more information?

The best way is to have a look at the system yourself. We offer a free absolutely no obligation online demonstration followed by a free trial. Please contact us on 0845 519 5347 or email [email protected]

Watch the short video below to see how the system works: