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Waste Management - Law and Practice Update 2023
Waste Management - Law and Practice Update
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The course covers the approaches needed to ensure legal compliance with waste-related laws and the implications for the day-today management of wastes. Attendance will help to demonstrate ‘reasonable actions’ to comply with waste legislation and this can help to manage risks associated with a range of waste legislation, including environmental permitting and related exemptions, duty of care and hazardous wastes management.

Waste management legislation is complex and rapidly-changing; failure to comply and to manage wastes effectively can result in serious pollution and this has been recognised in the establishment of a waste crime unit within the Environment Agency.

It is therefore important to ensure that you have a good understanding of the key legal requirements and their implications for day to day wastes management. We have seen the introduction of the new Environment Act which contains amongst other features new systems for tracking waste under duty of care that will obviate the need for controlled waste transfer notes. At the same time concerns over description of wastes, especially those from waste screening activities (e.g. trommel fines) have led to extensive audits of a large number of permitted waste facilities by the Environment Agency. This course will examine these changes in detail and will put them into the context of currently applicable controls and will provide a summary of their potential impacts. Topics to be addressed will include:

  • An update on wastes classification, duty of care and related guidance, including developments in waste tracking;
  • Changes from the consultations on waste carriers and broker controls;
  • Potential changes to a range of standard rule permits, especially those relating to biowaste treatment.
  • A summary of the Environment Act (2021) and potential implications in relation to wastes legislation and target;
  • An update on key changes to Regulatory Position Statements and Low Risk Waste Guidance;
  • A summary of recent changes to hazardous waste controls, especially relating to separation requirements and redrafting of
  • WM3.
  • Plastics Tax
  • Proposals on Extended Producer Responsibility and Deposit Return Schemes.

This material is presented in a way that identifies the legal obligations of all those managing waste and provides practical solutions for waste management practices in the light of new legal requirements. By attending this seminar, delegates can make an immediate impact on waste compliance practices within their organisation helping to provide confidence that legal obligations are being met, and that associated risks are being managed effectively and efficiently.

Who Should Attend?
All those with responsibility for ensuring waste legal compliance within their business and those who are seeking to improve their understanding of current and recently emerging waste law. The course will be relevant to new practitioners as well as those with more experience.

On completion of the course, attendees will:
Have an appreciation of important changes to waste legislation and impacts on day-to-day waste management; and
Appreciate the potential technical and cost implications of changes to waste permitting and exemptions;

Extra Information
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Managing waste in the UK can be complicated, but it's crucial for protecting our environment. The latest updates to waste management laws and regulations in 2023 are summarized in this informative article. From the Waste Regulations to the Landfill Tax and the Producer Responsibility Obligations, businesses and individuals must be aware of their obligations to ensure safe and environmentally sound waste disposal. Let's work together to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

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